This beautiful Victorian Home was completed in 1892, as the home of Samuel K. Paige, President of the Paige Manufacturing Company. Fitted with central heat from a coal furnace, electrical wiring and indoor plumbing , the home is a testament to the ingenuity and insight of Mr. Paige. It was said that the Paige home was “the most handsomely furnished home in Harriman”. The mosaic wood floors, high ceiling, and beautifully crafted woodwork make Bushrod Hall a testimony to a forgotten age.

After the death of their daughter, the Paige home was sold and donated by Bushrod James of Philadelphia to the American Temperance University. In his honor, the house served as the Bushrod W. James Hall of Domestic Science for Young Ladies from 1895 to 1908. Here, young Victorian ladies learned the arts of etiquette, entertaining, proper table settings, and running a household.

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